Mawlid Nabawi 1433 at the Zawiya Alawiya of Algiers

Assalamu Alaikum Sadati,

This is the recording of the Mawlid Annabawi Sharif of 1433H. Including:

  • Lecture about the prophet (SAWS) by sidi Ashaikh Al Mouloud
  • The recitation of Al Mawlidiya of Al-Imam Al-Barzinji (RA)
  • Samaa

The celebration happened on an exceptional snowy day in Algiers on February 5th, 2012 / 12 Rabi’ Al-awwal 1433.

May Allah taala give long life to our Shaikh, Sidi Ashaikh Al Mouloud, Radhiya Allahu Anhu.

3 thoughts on “Mawlid Nabawi 1433 at the Zawiya Alawiya of Algiers

  1. As salamu 3alaykum wa ra7matullahi wa barakatuhu, barakaAllahu fikum sadati pour vos efforts, qu’Allah vous récompense bi jahi nabiyyina al Mustapha 3alayhi aççalatu wassalam

    May Allah reward all of you sadatil kram

    faqir in France

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